Clearing the Myths: 3 Truths You Should Know About Ebola

The Ebola virus has been one of the most talked about-topics in recent months and is front and center on the news. However, as the disease has grown more popular in the public eye, several important facts have been misinterpreted. To dispel the viral rumors about the disease, here are the three truths you should know about Ebola. 1) Ebola is not… Read more →

Hardcopies Versus Online Textbooks: Time to Make a Switch?

Hardcopies Versus Online Textbooks: Time to Make a Switch?

As Bergen County Academies becomes more and more technology-oriented, online textbooks are slowly finding their way into classrooms. BCA is already a highly technical school. Assignments, test scores, and registration for classes are all managed online. The traditional “pen and paper method” is becoming less common, as websites and online programs make academic processes more convenient. However, most classes still… Read more →

Opinion: On the Bergdahl Prisoner Swap

The Obama Administration has recently come under flak for a recent prisoner exchange. The prisoner exchange, which exchanged Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five high ranking Taliban officers held at Guantanamo Bay is unpopular among many within the United States. However, I opine that the prisoner exchange was in the best interests of Sgt. Bergdahl and of the United States. Why are many… Read more →